Xtream UI is changing!

Beta's up until now have been designed to be the admin layer on top of the Xtream Codes v2.9.3 base, however it would seem v2.9.3 has many flaws that can't properly be addressed due to it's obfuscated and encrypted nature. For that reason, I will no longer be developing Xtream UI for the v2.9.3 base.

But don't fret, this isn't goodbye. I'm quite significantly through the process of rebuilding Xtream UI from the ground up, now known as XUI, the new version will be easier to use, more full featured, more secure and more importantly it won't use XC 2.9.3 as its base! Get ready for a custom built core for our custom built panel.

The new system will most likely be invite only, however it'll be easy to grab an invite if you know what you're doing. The idea of the invite system is to remove the inexperienced and incapable, leaving those who have the skillset required to run their own service.

The forum has been modified and many old topics have been removed, a new forum will be setup for XUI.

Final Beta Version (22F)

For anyone who wants to use Release 22F it'll always be available free of charge here, but follow instructions in release section.

Latest Update (15/09/2020)

The new website has been purchased, shows some basic information on what's coming up. Visit us here at