Beta Release 10

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Geo IP Loadbalancing

To enable Geo IP, edit your server and tick the Geo IP box in the Advanced Settings area. You can then select multiple countries from a drop down box which will force Xtream Codes to reroute your customers to those loadbalancers based on their originating country.


In R10 you'll find a rudimentary VOD system for Movies only, it ONLY allows remote sources at the moment but does have a TMDb search function. Just enter the name of the movie on the first page along with the source, category and any notes. Move onto the second tab and select a match from the drop down box to autofill the rest of the data. It's set to direct source as I don't have encoding in place yet, however this will be in place very shortly! Then I'll move on to Series.


As for other changes, I've modified the user.php page to fix the issue with Release 9 after saving, added uptime to live connections, modified the dashboard to show Offline Streams under Online Streams and if you click it, it will filter streams down to those that are offline. Streams, users, mags, enigmas and registered users page now has a ZOOM button that will toggle between Large, Medium, Small to affect the table a litttle bit. Nothing special. Latency is servers page now displays in milliseconds. Also fixed a bug in Bouquets that stopped movies from being added to bouquets.

Next Up

Series as planned, also mass edit, fingerprint system.


In Donation Beta at the moment. Download using your donator credentials in the Donator forum.
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