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Official releases and announcments can be found here.
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Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:42 pm

Hi All,
I've said my goodbyes to discord as it was all getting a bit too much and I will be taking an active role on the forums going forward.

To show my appreciation for those who have donated to date, I've set up a Donators only forum which will house all those who have given to the cause. I'll be most active there, to give my support back and help those who have helped me.

Donators will have priority access to releases to ensure they are ready for mainstream consumption and avoid people updating to something that's not quite ready. Feature requests will be prioritised and I'll outline things in more depth there.

For those who have donated to date, send me a PM with your donation details or your name if I know who you are, and I'll get you moved over to the list.

For those who have not donated and would like to, you can find my donation details over at:

For those who don't want to donate, that's absolutely fine! Donations are not mandatory, this is free software that I will continue to develop regardless of remuneration. I'll still be active in the forums and we still have a large community who will help you when you're in need.

I cannot stress enough that the Discord is very much active and very much alive, I just will not be participating there going forward. Please show your support to the guys who run our Discord channel and join the discussions today. You'll find quicker support there at the end of the day.

Thank you
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