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Is this fair?

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Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:19 am

Hi all,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your donations, they help me continue working on the project and dedicating more time to it, cutting my hours down in work to ensure I can make the commitment to Xtream UI.

Which brings me to the annoying part, many many many many donations I receive are either 1p, £1p or a variation of something between that. And it isn't about the money, I'm doing this for the community, but it's a matter of principal and I'm offering early access to tools designed to make you money. I understand some people don't have a huge amount of cash, and it's not like I'm asking for big donations, but realistically if you can't afford to donate a beer to the guy spending hundreds of hours developing code that will make you money, then it's probably the case that you shouldn't be using early access tools as you wouldn't be able to afford the infrastructure required to run them.

Because of this, and because people like to take the piss, I'm finally setting a minimum on donations. The average price of a pint of beer where I live is £3.50. Add on the fact paypal takes a portion of every donation and that I have to declare tax on any earnings despite them being donations, I'm going to set the minimum at £5 to cover the expenses.

Any donations under this will be appreciated, but absolutely ignored.

Anyone who has issue with this can wait for the Donator Beta to be over and get access to the free releases then, as this software will be free when completed.

Don't post your donations in this thread please, just create a thread in the Donator Releases forum and I'll get to it. I'm sorry that it sometimes takes me a while to upgrade people, I'm trying to commit as much time to programming as possible, hopefully that's evident by the latest releases and the features that come with them.

Thank you
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