ADD/import TVSeries from/ VOD Issue, And Channels Numbering

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Thu Dec 05, 2019 1:42 am

import vod is working fine, thanks alot GTA, only problem is now I need to be able to choose the container, you removed this option for some reason. For me mp4 works the best on all players...Now I cannot choose a container when I am importing from a folder.
2. Please add the feature to be able to mass add different tvseries at each day around 5-10 new epidodes are out from different tvseries so we need to be able to mass import them ...then if possible assigning can be automatic. if not we will do manually.
3. Users are asking for channels numbering : so that they can use it to search for my users are not able to use or see the ch numbers.
Finally thanks again and again for all you do
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